Best New Band (2009)


A year before the Yeah Yeah Yeahs made all the music critics lose their shit over their new-old electro sound, locals Grant Cutler and Maggie Morrison began toying around with classic '80s synth beats and echoic vocal effects under their new project, Lookbook. The songs they produced, many of which were released late last year on their debut EP, I Fear You, My Darkness, speak to their mutual love of epic and deceptively simple electronica, pop melodies, and dark, brooding noise. Though neither of the members of Lookbook are new to the scene—Digitata fans will recognize Morrison as the mousy yet slyly sexy lead singer, while Cutler fronted punk band Passions—the two only started working together recently. In an era when many people are looking back to the '80s new wave and pop movements for cues on how to move forward in this vintage-happy new age, they couldn't have come together at a better time.


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