Best Jazz Artists (2009)

Fat Kid Wednesdays

Venturing into the basement of the Turf Club on a Monday night is like descending into the annals of an underground jazz club that existed 40 years ago, in somebody's grandmother's basement. Tucked inside the wood-paneled walls of the Turf's Clown Lodge, concertgoers will find some of the Twin Cities' finest jazz musicians surrounded by many of the Twin Cities' more hardcore jazz nerds. The core members of Fat Kid Wednesdays are technical wizards and natural improvisers. Saxophonist Michael Lewis draws unknown sounds out of his horn and whips through scales with a dizzying ease; drummer JT Bates toys masterfully with beats that fall in and out of time and space; and bassist Adam Linz coaxes bended notes and harmonics out of his upright with an agility that could only come from years of experience. Each member is involved in at least a handful of other projects, so when one or more of the key players are on tour the remaining members invite their friends to sit in, making Fat Kid Wednesdays one of the most reliably unpredictable, steadfastly groundbreaking jazz trios in the ever-expanding experimental jazz scene.


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