Best Gay Icon (2009)

Wanda Wisdom

Wanda Wisdom, the "single, sober drag queen hostess with the mostest," has not only inspired LGBT folks and straight allies within our fly-over borders, but cool, queer people across the globe. The self-described "original podcasting drag queen" covers a plethora of topics near and dear to our hearts, like the issue of grooming our respective junk areas. But in addition to hygiene, the workout fanatic also peppers her podcasts with health tips and nutritious diet ideas, and she helps listeners feel good about themselves on whatever journey they're traveling. Wanda also shares her words of wisdom in editorials in the local LGBT magazine Lavender. Where Wanda uses humor to impart her messages, her alter ego, Bradley Traynor, is more straightforward as the voice of the Big Gay News podcast, which reports on gay rights issues across the country.


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