If you haven't been before, Jetset can be a little hard to find, but just listen for the beats. DJs spin house tracks that are audible from the street. Once inside, go for broke ordering drinks—the bartenders love to show patrons there's more to cocktails than vodka tonics. Just be sure to wear something other than your ratty Carhartts. The crowd here dresses well—like, really well. Like, you-better-press-your-shirt-before-you-go well. Yet the bar doesn't take itself too seriously. It knows this isn't Manhattan. That's why it brought in karaoke—and thank god for that. Nothing is more entertaining than elfishly cute choirboys showing off their upper registers. Yet while Jetset is a gay bar, it's not really gay-gay—it's the kind of gay bar where you take a gay-bar virgin.

Location Details

115 N. 1st St.
Minneapolis MN 55401


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