Objects appear more vivid when set against a dark background, although it's doubtful the interior decorators at First Avenue considered that when they doused the club in practical black lacquer paint. Against that backdrop, the kaleidoscope of characters on display every Saturday at the Too Much Love dance night makes for a vivid Petri dish of a dance floor. While TML is like an ant farm of hipsters in the Mainroom, upstairs the VIP Room is like Cheers for the jaded ex-ravers who frequent the BLACK house and techno night, where everyone knows your name and cares what's on tap musically. Fridays are just as colorful, with a rotating roster that includes the off-the-chain hip-hop dance party Get Cryphy and the Moon Goons' "Honeymoon" themed soirees, which often feature blog-famous DJs from around the country. Add Attitude City's sassy panache to the mix—with the monthly "Street Sounds" they produce with Burlesque of North America—and these Twin Cities are treated to a hearty quadruple-decker sandwich of weekend dance parties each month. It's a far cry from 1997, when SNDP ruled, but to those who mourn that era, just down some liquid courage, squeeze into a pair of turquoise skinny jeans, and repeat after us: I will STFU and dance.

Location Details

701 1st Ave. N.
Minneapolis MN 55403


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