Best College Athlete (2009)

Eric Decker

There's nothing freakish about Eric Decker, wide receiver for the University of Minnesota Gophers. He's just a solid, all-around athlete with no discernable weaknesses. He's big. Fast. Coordinated. Mentally tough. The 6' 2", 215-pound junior posted his second consecutive standout season last year, hauling in 84 catches in 2008, seven of them for touchdowns. Dude's pretty savvy on the baseball diamond, too—he batted .329 last season as an outfielder; the Milwaukee Brewers, in turn, selected Decker in the 39th round of last year's draft. But experts agree his future will entail more pigskin than rawhide. If Decker caps his collegiate gridiron career with another exceptional year, expect him to suit up on Sundays.


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