This is the time of year when a good car wash is especially important. After months of hard winter, our cars are grimy and probably the worse for wear, and it's tough to keep your four-wheeled friend looking swell when spring rains keep applying a fresh coat of sludge. While it's easy enough to rinse off the grit at a self-service station, there's something to be said for some extra tender loving care. The folks at Jiffy Car Wash & Detail Center stand ready to clean your car inside and out—and far more thoroughly than the cursory job you often get at local shops. If you opt for the Ultimate wash package at $22.99, they'll even clean your rubber mats and throw in a Febreze odor eliminator. To get that new-car look and smell, select the Grand Detail package—for about $150 your ride will be looking oh so fine.

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3740 Kipling Ave.
Minneapolis MN 55416


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