Best Band to Break Up in the Past 12 Months (2009)

The Alarmists

For a while there, back in early 2006, Brit-pop loving indie kids the Alarmists seemed like the perfect candidate to be Minneapolis's next little band-that-could. Critics salivated in unison over the salacious pop melodies on the band's breakout EP, A Detail of Soldiers. Their shows started getting more and more crowded, the buzz grew to a deafening roar, and they were awarded the title of "Picked to Click" in these very pages. But something shifted within the group, and their first full-length album, 2007's The Ghost and the Hired Gun, failed to stand up to the band's perceived potential. One by one, members of the group dropped out, and by the end of last year lead singer Eric Luvold was the only original member clinging to the Alarmists' name. Unbeknown to fans, their double-header at the Entry this January was considered the band's farewell show, and Lovold is in the process of finding a new band to back him. Whatever inner workings caused the band's destruction will remain a mystery, but now that the group has quietly disbanded, they will lay amid a wasteland of local bands that could have been, should have been, but will sadly never be what we hoped.


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