Building a business by offering customers a good deal is a great way to stay afloat in today's bear market. Giving choice-loving Americans 1,600 different bottles of wine to pore over is another. Roll those two ideas together and you've got Spasso, a new restaurant in Minnetonka that owner Chris Eriksson has wisely adjoined to a wine shop next door. By buying in large quantities for the wine shop (which features helpful wine ratings for the less seasoned shopper courtesy of Wine Spectator), Spasso gets better prices, a benefit it passes along to its patrons. Before taking a seat in the expansive dining room, customers can peruse pinots and chardonnays that they can then bring into the restaurant without paying a corkage fee. That means wines that are normally too expensive to be sold by the glass can easily be poured with your wood-fired pizza with no hefty wine markup. Who knew a bargain trip to Montalcino or Napa could be found in Minnetonka?

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17523 Minnetonka Blvd.
Minnetonka MN 55345


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