Best Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurant (2009)


Too often vegetarians find themselves restricted to just a few items on a restaurant's menu, forced to satiate their hunger with salads, French fries, or the entire contents of the bread basket. But at Eat Street's hidden, basement gem, Evergreen Chinese Restaurant, the world is a vegetarian's mock oyster. Nearly every single meat-based dish can be made with its ersatz equivalent: There are faux versions of beef with pea pods, moo shu pork, and sesame chicken—and several mock duck and wheat gluten dishes. Evergreen's kitchen even has seafood substitutes (though as of this writing there's no vegetarian equivalent for the jellyfish salad). With all these choices, plus the array of vegetable, noodle, and tofu dishes, a vegan could eat at Evergreen for weeks on end without ever trying the same dish twice. It may be the only place in the Cities where carnivores can slurp the authentic Taiwanese fish ball soup alongside vegetarians noshing on mock chicken nuggets.

Location Details

2424 Nicollet Ave.
Minneapolis MN 55404


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