Question: What's a lot easier than importing the Creole grandmother you never had and chaining her to the stove? Answer: programming Brasa's number into your phone. The premium rotisserie restaurant that serves batch-roasted chicken, slow-roasted pork, and braised beef to dine-in guests also whips up the same fare for takeout. Call it comfort food in the comfort of your own home. Chef Alex Roberts of the upscale Restaurant Alma has customers calling in orders for free-range chickens, sides of creamy cheese grits and fried sweet plantains, and even the pure-cane deliciousness of Mexican Coke. A variety of size options means that feeding one person (with a quarter-pound of Berkshire pork and a small side of cornbread with smooth honey butter) is as easy as taking on a group (with whole chickens and a steaming side of sweet roasted yams with andouille sausage that accommodates up to four). And for everyone in St. Paul groaning about how takeout from Minneapolis makes as much sense as the city's snow emergency rules, hear this: Roberts has acquired the spot next to Punch Pizza on Grand Avenue and hopes to open up shop in mid-May, which means warm, ready-to-eat rotisserie will be but a short drive away.

Location Details

600 E. Hennepin Ave.
Minneapolis MN 55414


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