For whatever reason, Sunday brunch doesn't seem to be as big a deal in the Twin Cities as it is in other metropolitan areas. Are our local culinary cognoscenti such wild weekend revelers that they can't get out of bed before two o'clock? Or too cocky to pay good money for a breakfast they think they might griddle up themselves? We're not sure exactly how we lulled ourselves into this sorry state, but we do know how we're going to get out: a trip to south Minneapolis's quaint little Grand Cafe. Because there's no way anything you could fix in your home kitchen will replicate the brioche French toast Suzette—the one with the orange-kissed caramel sauce, whipped cream, and toasted pistachios. Ditto the eggs en cocotte, that fragrant bowl of poached eggs, Gruyere, and Italian ham swimming in truffle cream and topped with little square puff-pastry pillows. All the brunch dishes cost about 10 bucks, so it's hardly worth heading to the grocery to pick up ingredients. Plus, there's no way your dinette's as cute as Grand Cafe's booths-for-two, nor will the city let you plop your patio furniture on the middle of the sidewalk. So do what the neighbors already do and surrender your morning to the Grand.

Location Details

3804 Grand Ave. S.
Minneapolis MN 55409


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