Manny's must have cojones the size of those on the strapping bull in the painting next to its host's stand. The place thinks it can charge 19 bucks for a Caesar salad and nearly $100 for a massive, bone-in rib eye for two. And you know what, it can. Because even though that salad is utterly skippable and some of the sides are only so-so, Manny's top steaks are those for a carnivore's carnivore. Let's get back to that double rib eye, otherwise known as the "bludgeon of beef" for its resemblance to a Neanderthal murder weapon. It's dry-aged long enough to brighten up its beefy flavor, and high-heat broiled to impart its salted crust with tasty little flecks of blackened char. The bludgeon hurts so good that all you can do is whip out the plastic and blot the mess off your face. But scrub all you like—you won't be able to wipe off that smile. Now that Manny's has moved to the tony new W Hotel, its tables are the most see-and-be-seen in town. So when you're ready to meat your match, make sure to reserve a spot well in advance.

Location Details

825 Marquette Ave. S.
Minneapolis MN 55402


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