For the last four years or so, Zen Box, a narrow space in the 6 Quebec building, has been turning out fresh Japanese comfort-food lunches that have won over even the most dedicated burger-and-fries loyalists. And they're a decent bargain, too—many main dishes cost under $7 and nearly all the sides are under $2. Most entrées come as either bento (a box with rice and a sprightly cabbage salad dressed with a ginger and apple dressing) or donburi (served over rice in a bowl). Try tonkatsu, pork cutlets stuffed with cheese, coated in panko, and delicately deep-fried, or the hearty, sweet, and spicy vegetable curry over brown rice (for a small surcharge). The edamame and soba salad is vegan-friendly, but it has a heartiness that woos omnivores: Tossed in an earthy miso dressing, the cool, green soybeans and hearty buckwheat noodles over crisp romaine manage a nice twist—a cold salad that feels heartwarming and substantial.

Location Details

601 Marquette Ave.
Minneapolis MN 55402


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