Best Restaurant Bathroom (2009)

Chino Latino

It's actually not what's on the inside that counts for Chino Latino's restrooms. Within the halls of the mighty porcelain gods, their chrome and white-tile decor is pretty much what you'd expect to find at any modern water closet. It's the outside that captures the heart of a voyeur. The sinks are divided between the men's and women's facilities only by peek-a-boo mirrors that keep both genders on their toes, hygienically speaking. Some women may have expressed dismay at being forced to touch up their lipstick so publicly, but any true Cosmo gal knows that men love to watch ladies sex up their pouts. Once the face is in place, both genders enjoy flaunting the rest of their bodies while ascending the dramatic staircase back to the main dining area; it's as if the architect of the Death Star watched way too much Gone with the Wind before he snagged the Chino Latino gig. True, one doesn't normally associate high drama with a trip to and from the loo, but after indulging in too much of their hot zone "street food," one could easily forge such a connection.

Location Details

2916 Hennepin Ave. S.
Minneapolis MN 55408


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