Best Late-Night Snack (2009)

Sweet Martha's Cookies

You've got only 12 days a year to chow down on the endless supply of junk food at the Minnesota State Fair. But one of the best things about the fair can be found in the frozen-food section of the metro's major grocery stores. Now you can feed your Sweet Martha's chocolate-chip cookie addiction any day of the year. The bite-size wonders, normally devoured in buckets or cones, are sold as little frozen dough balls. Martha Rossini Olson has been baking up these melt-in-your-mouth treats for more than 25 years at the Great Minnesota Get-Together, but their novelty isn't lost when you make them in your oven. When that late-night craving hits, cook them for about 10 minutes until they are slightly crispy (State Fair-style) or remove them a little early for a gooey slice of heaven on earth. And don't worry: You'll still crave them when you wander by the giant yellow buildings on the fairgrounds.


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