Unless somebody just bought one of those inflatable airplane-evacuation slides at Ax-Man, the most happening thing going on in Fridley on a Friday or Saturday night is likely taking place at King's Fine Korean. The tables are all cluttered with small white bowls of panchan, a spread of side dishes to rival those at Thanksgiving dinner. And the place tends to be packed with diners young and old, hunched over plates of lip-smacking marinated beef ribs, leaving behind large piles of bones. The dolsot bibimbap is a classic, with thin-sliced veggies and beef and a whole raw egg tossed into a steaming bowl of rice (the choicest grains are those that turn crisp and golden against the sides of the hot stone pot). And fiery kimchi seems to find its way into everything—the jeon, a Napa cabbage pancake, and the jjigae, a sinus-cleaning stew, are especially good. Just a few bites of the spicy pickled stuff helps fuel the party atmosphere and steel the nerves of those who take up the karaoke microphone. As long as you keep ordering drinks, they'll let you keep singing till midnight.

Location Details

1051 E. Moore Lake Road
Fridley MN 55432


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