These are things worth believing in: food and liquor sold under the same roof, family-run businesses thriving, and both of those happening in a vibrant city neighborhood. Morelli's Market scores on all three counts. Walking in the door of Morelli's is like stepping into an episode of The Sopranos (minus the violence). The market not only has a wonderful selection of homemade Italian specialties like manicotti, ravioli, and spumoni, it also has a full liquor department and a butcher shop. And the prices, oh the prices! Morelli's has weekly specials on liquor at steep discounts, and whole beef tenderloins have been known to go for $4.99 a pound. The quality of the meat is exceptional, the butchers are knowledgeable, and they will even share their personal recipes with you. Located on the east side of St. Paul near historic Swede Hollow, Morelli's was established in 1930, and we are guessing the market looked exactly the same back then as it does today. Morelli's gives you reason to believe there still is a place where an old-school business can flourish and deliver the goods. Just don't forget to bring cash or your checkbook: One way Morelli's keeps those prices down is by not taking credit cards.

Location Details

535 Tedesco St.
St. Paul MN 55130


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