Just as trail mix tastes best on the trail, a proper hot dog tastes best in a dive. In the Twin Cities, no atmosphere is more appropriate for hot dog consumption than the Wienery, a dump (in the best sense of the word) of a restaurant on Cedar Avenue. Their Chicago-style dog is the best in town—its onions the freshest, its pickled sport peppers the brightest green, its pickles the crunchiest. And the Wienery leaves the mustard on the side, so customers aren't over- or underwhelmed by bright yellow potency. Customers can choose from several kinds of dogs and more than a dozen treatments. The smoked bratwurst prepared Warsaw style (Dusseldorf mustard and sauerkraut) can knock your pants right off. The taut skin of the restaurant's Vienna Beef brand dogs is perfectly cooked; it pops apart and shoots juicy, hot goodness into your mouth with every bite. The homemade chili is fresh, and the chefs will throw in habanero chiles on request to make it as hot as possible. Don't miss the Drive-in Fries—a Southern classic that combines hand-cut French fries with chili and coleslaw.

Location Details

414 Cedar Ave. S.
Minneapolis MN 55454


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