Best Hangover Breakfast (2009)

Uptown Bar & Cafe

It's Sunday morning. You wake up on the floor of your apartment with the taste of Coors Light, vomit, and shame still fresh in your mouth. You look up and notice your friends are passed out around your apartment in just as bad of shape as you are. You've identified the problem; now you need a solution. Swear off alcohol forever? Of course not. You just need a solid hangover breakfast and you'll be as good as new. Time to hit the Uptown Bar. Established back in the 1930s, the Uptown Bar is the official hangover headquarters of the Twin Cities. Open every Saturday and Sunday from 8 a.m. and offering a full breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu all day long, there is no better place to shake off the lingering effects of a weekend bender. The portions are huge and the prices are affordable, so you can put that last 10 bucks in your wallet to good use. But what if you aren't ready to let the weekend end on a sober note? Not to worry: The bar serves awesome bloody Marys and a huge variety of draft beers. After all, sometimes the best cure for one too many is, well, one or two more.


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