Most of us have been so focused on the grimmer aspects of LynLake dining—no more jP American Bistro, no more La Bodega—that we've overlooked what's still working (especially now that the end of road construction means easy accessibility). In the case of the Herkimer, that's the sweet-potato fry. Pulling double duty as slightly salty and suddenly sweet, these deeply orange-hued fries are surprisingly crispy on the outside yet still creamy in the center, and perfectly free of the oily limpness that can easily befall a French fry. This is a well-deserved makeover for the sweet potato, complete with a satisfying crunch. A heaping basket at happy hour is just $3.95 and comes with a smoky chipotle ketchup, but these unique fries taste just as good dunked in the Herkimer's chipotle mayonnaise, Belgian-style (the perfect accompaniment to the Herkimer's new Gose Speziell Weizen Belgian brew).

Location Details

2922 Lyndale Ave. S.
Minneapolis MN 55408


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