Coastal Seafoods' two Twin Cities shops make it easy to forget that we're more than a thousand miles from the Atlantic or Pacific. Thanks to the frequent deliveries of Northwest Airlines, the guys at Coastal Seafoods pick up fresh deliveries at the airport twice a day—and most of the selection has never seen the inside of a freezer: tilapia from Costa Rica, Chilean sea bass from the Antarctic, brown shrimp from Ecuador. The shops have gorgeous fresh bay scallops and, for the adventurous at-home seafood chef, unagi—fresh eel. Coastal is also a wholesaler to many of the area's best restaurants. The shops have a pleasant, fishy aroma, and they carry many of the sides you need to make a gourmet meal—noodles, curry, olives, rice, and beans. The grocery-store seafood department can't touch Coastal's selection of fruit of the sea.

Location Details

2330 Minnehaha Ave.
Minneapolis MN 55404


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