The hardcore doughnut lover has no use for the prissy and limited varieties at most bakeries, nor the equally limited Stepford doughnuts of Krispy Kreme. Only a real doughnut shop will do, with a generous selection of cinnamon rolls and maple bars, cakes and raised, jellies and twists. Granny Donut, in the dreary business district of West St. Paul, is as real as it gets. Owner Xuan To has been running this family shop for 22 years, and he knows his way around a fryer. His raised varieties are justly famous, his cake doughnuts are sizzled to a delicate crunch, and his apple fritters are fried just right—till every edge is crispy. The vibe is friendly, and the price of indulgence comes cheap enough: 70 cents apiece, $1.10 for fancies, or $7.49 for a dozen. There's a good chance they'll be even cheaper than that, since Xuan To has the endearing habit of throwing in a free or "specially priced" sample for good measure.

Location Details

1555 Robert St. S.
West St. Paul MN 55118


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