When we think of authentic Chinese cuisine, Richfield is not the first place we expect to find it. But stepping into Jun Bo is like stepping into our own Chinatown. Jun Bo (meaning "precious treasure") is a massive room, seating 400-plus diners, and it's usually packed with families seated at large round tables topped by spinning lazy Susans of tender dumplings, crispy squid, and savory greens. Attentive waitresses in red silk dresses stop by with carts filled with steaming delights. Dim sum is served all day, every day, with more than 50 varieties to sample. Items range from the common—shrimp dumplings and beef short ribs—to the more adventurous, like chicken feet and shark fin dumplings. For those more comfortable with Chinese-American fare, a second menu is filled with familiar items like lemon chicken and moo shu pork. Jun Bo is also a great place to bring kids: Their volume will be absorbed in the large room, and they will love looking at the fish tanks.

Location Details

7717 S. Nicollet Ave.
Richfield MN 55423


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