Everyone loves the story of David versus Goliath. People love to see the little guy win. It's the reason we root for underdogs, watch Hoosiers, and support small businesses run by our neighbors. Kopplin's Coffee is such a business. This tiny cafe, nestled in a quiet section of St. Paul, can knock the portafilters off any coffee shop in Minneapolis. The baristas here can explain the cupping notes of an Ethiopian Bonko Sidamo and pour a latte Rosetta with enough fronds to provide shade. It was once thought that coffee reached its peak with the influx of the Starbucks mermaid, but then folks like Andrew Kopplin came along and pushed the game further. Enjoy a cup brewed in his $11,000 Clover coffeemaker and watch as a ristretto shot pours out a naked portafilter. Everything about this place is quality, and its customers quickly become converts. It's a reason to love your morning, and a reason to respect the underdog who is making his coffee the very best.

Location Details

2038 Marshall Ave.
St Paul MN 55104


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