It's hard to find a restaurant that serves filling food that actually tastes good for under $5. And no, the McDonald's dollar menu does not count. Jasmine Deli, a tiny Vietnamese restaurant with some of the best Asian food in town, easily fits the bill. The spring rolls come with mock duck, pork, or seafood and will set you back only $3. Order any of the delicious salads for around $5 and you'll get an enormous bowl filled with noodles, lettuce, fresh cilantro, jalapeño peppers, and meat (or choose seafood, tofu, or mock duck). The soup, for about the same amount, is a filling stew that will warm your soul in the coldest months. Also worth a nosh: the bánh mì, an undeniably delicious and addictive sandwich made with crusty, chewy bread, cold cuts (or marinated meat or mock duck), sweet pickled carrots, cilantro, spices, mayo, and other tasty goodness for about $3.

Location Details

2532 Nicollet Ave. S.
Minneapolis MN 55404


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