Calypso singers preach that Carnival started at the beginning of time. If this is true, then the food that fuels this festival originated way before Julia Child and Rachael Ray took over the airwaves. And since calypso music originated on the island of Trinidad, their food has had centuries to develop the best flavors in the world. For proof, head to Marla's. It's the best authentic Caribbean fare, with a Trinidadian flair, north of Northfield. Trinidad's food, like the island, is a mash-up of colonial rule. Half is African, the other Indian. This is the home of Angostura bitters and sorrel and some of the best rum in the world. Marla's prepares its food fresh, from the channa and potato roti to the doubles and jerk chicken. It's as good or better than anything found on the University of the West Indies campus or D'Original Sauce in nearby Curepe. Hell, if Earl Lovelace were to venture into the restaurant, he'd sit back, drink a sorrel, and forget he's in Minneapolis. Order anything on the menu here and enjoy a fusion of the best the Old World and New World can create.

Location Details

3761 Bloomington Ave. S.
Minneapolis MN 55407


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