First is the smell. Seldom do you get to experience a caramel roll before eating it—before even ordering it—but the time spent waiting in line at Isles Bun and Coffee Company is an integral part of the ingestion process. Then you get your caramel roll, with pecans or without (your choice), on a paper plate. Or, more likely, two paper plates, because just one is too puny to hold the immense mound of dough and caramel. The size matters, too, because when you're about halfway through the pastry, your guilt sensors will kick in, telling you not to finish. But it's too good—like a warm, caramel pillow for your tongue—and caloric indulgence will always win out over self-denial. When you're finished eating, the experience still isn't over. Next comes the slow sugar buzz that pleasantly lingers in your system for a few hours, staying with you maybe until the next morning, when you'll be tempted to return to Isles Bun for another roll.

Location Details

1424 W. 28th St.
Minneapolis MN 55408


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