The first sign that El Burrito Mercado on St. Paul's west side is going to deliver a worthy burrito is the fact that you can smell it before you see it. From the bright yellow market/gift shop/restaurant waft the dueling scents of refried beans and spicy rice, which bodes well for the first bite of their monstrous burritos. Served cafeteria-style, the mercado's burritos are filled with one of a dozen different guisados (a traditional meat stew of chicken, pork, or beef) and can be stuffed with any number of delicious additions like fresh guacamole and colorful salsas that range from Minnesota mild to sinus-clearing. The portions are generous, and finishing an entire burrito and sides is an accomplishment. Luckily, diners can work off their meals (and maybe even make room for a churro?) by wandering the mercado's aisles, gathering the same homemade salsas and smoky moles for (scaled-down) DIY burritos at home.

Location Details

175 Cesar Chavez St.
St. Paul MN 55107


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