Bubble tea, or boba, is a whimsical drink that at first might seem best suited for small children, cartoon characters, and Japanophiles. The liquids may vary from teas to fruit juices to smoothies; it's the boba—large, black pearl tapioca so large that it must be consumed through a special straw—that makes the drink unique. Yet despite its admitted weirdness, bubble tea really is a beverage for anyone with an adventurous palate. Never had it before? Peninsula is a perfect place to experiment. Their take involves the classic black tapioca pearls resting at the bottom of fresh fruit smoothies ($4.50). If you're feeling playful, try an unusual flavor like avocado or taro. Honeydew, strawberry, coconut, and mango are good bets if you're just getting started. Need caffeine? Go for the green tea.

Location Details

2608 Nicollet Ave. S.
Minneapolis MN 55408


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