Hell's Kitchen is not the place to go when you wake up on a Sunday morning and feel like, well, hell. With a tongue numbed by an evening of cigarettes and a head clouded with the after-effects of too much booze, one can't properly appreciate a breakfast menu that is a far cry from greasy hangover fare. Take the Mahnomin porridge, for example. Chef Mitch Omer layers homegrown Minnesota wild rice with hazelnuts, cranberries, and blueberries and douses it all in a mixture of maple syrup and cream. Then there are the epic quarter-pound pecan-caramel rolls swimming in a rich glaze. Even the spicy slap of the house-made maple-glazed bison sausage easily trumps the conventional links we've come to expect. With this unique breakfast fare, it's not surprising that the road to Hell is paved with long waits. The move last fall to the much-larger Rossi's space in downtown Minneapolis doesn't mean shorter waits, but they're no less worthwhile.

Location Details

80 S. 9th St.
Minneapolis MN 55402


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