Sure, CNN has its silver fox in Anderson Cooper. He's hot. But he knows he's hot, so it makes him semi-hot. But Minneapolis has our own on-camera hottie. His name is Sven Sundgaard. He wears stylish gloves. He uses products in his hair. He takes his reports on the weather into the elements. He likes to run outside, sometimes without his T-shirt. And he owns goats with cool names, like Baroness Abigail von Goat. We know this because we follow his life on his KARE 11 blog, a place where he shares himself with the masses. Sundgaard both informs us of record lows and gives us updates on the birthday parties of his friends and family. It's a way to break down the wall between local celebrity and regular guy. Sundgaard is a weather powerhouse. What's his secret? Well, even though our weather is bone-chilling during the winter, his reports and super-toned essence make us hot.

Location Details

8811 Olson Memorial Highway
Golden Valley MN 55427


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