Best Sports-Talk Radio Host (2009)

Dan Cole, KFAN

Luckily for local sports fans, the Common Man Dan Cole, a local sports media institution, survived last year's layoffs, which didn't spare longtime KFANer Chad Hartman. The corporate-ordered cull, coupled with Jeff Dubay's firing for a drug arrest last year, leaves Cole as the last of the KFAN old guard, making his self-deprecating, in-joke-laden, occasionally insightful, and often hilarious "progrum" all the more important to local airwaves. Whether he's breaking down the U of M football season, mocking local pro sports ownership, or (more likely) analyzing his own golf game, Cole is a shot of amusing cynicism and humor that sports-obsessed desk jockeys need to get through the day.

Location Details

1600 Utica Ave. S
Minneapolis MN 55416


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