When the Republican National Convention rolled into town last year, some places closed their doors, while others became exclusive; if you didn't know someone important, you weren't getting in. During that brief period, the Weisman Art Museum did the opposite: It kicked it up a notch. During the RNC, the museum hosted a variety of activities associated with Unconvention, a movement that organized activities during the RNC and encouraged people to explore their political beliefs, voice concerns, and celebrate our country in a less corporate way. There was the "Hindsight Is Always 20/20" exhibit, a fascinating look at the buzzwords used during each presidency. There was the Unconvention circus party, a nonpartisan day of presidential speech readings, lectures, open discussion, film screenings, and stilt walkers. The evening concluded with student films projected on the side of the Weisman's iconic walls. And art of note wasn't confined to the political. This year's "Changing Identity" was a groundbreaking show featuring work by female Vietnamese artists, the first exhibit of its kind anywhere.

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333 E. River Rd.
Minneapolis MN 55455


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