Some folks prefer to see movies at a soul-crushingly corporate but deliciously high-tech suburban megaplex. Some choose the character of a neighborhood cinema despite a low-quality picture and seating that can only be described as sardine-like. Luckily, the Riverview Theater combines the best parts of both in a neat package, delivering a space that drips with history and local flavor but sacrifices nothing in its technical offerings. With a lush, retro-fashionable lounge and quirky lighting, the lobby isn't just a place to pay for your ticket, it's a destination in itself. The friendly staff make you feel right at home, and the popcorn and soda are affordable and delicious. Comfortable seats cushion your tush, and the picture and sound rival that of the AMCs and Kerasotes. Best of all, the special screenings offer more than the usual fare, such as the current series of Hitchcock films.

Location Details

3800 42nd Ave. S.
Minneapolis MN 55406


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