Best Local-Music Compilation (2009)

Twin Town High

For proof of the Twin Cities' penchant for musical schizophrenia, look no further than the annual Twin Town High compilation, a sampler that train-wrecks gothic synthsters (Lookbook) with streetwise MCs (Mujah Messiah), with a dozen or so cars derailed along the way. The 2008 collection was especially expansive, featuring a veritable who's-who of local award winners past, present, and, we're betting, future. Here, Black Blondie gets smooth in the cocktail lounge, while Private Dancer throws a beer-and-dance party in the basement. Meanwhile, Romantica is in the loft with Ryan Adams on acoustic guitars, playing with the door ajar. See what we mean? Twin Town High is to music what the Tenenbaum house is to homes—a towering stack of beautiful spaces, each more harebrained and surprising than the last.


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