Minneapolis may not have the Olympian size, bottomless-budget theatrics, or front-row celebrity roster of the runway shows of New York Fashion Week, but it does have a precious jewel in Spring MNfashion Week's Voltage: Fashion Amplified. Voltage celebrates its fifth season April 24, and it stands out in the small sea of blowout fashion nights for a reason: It always thinks New York, even in the Midwest. Voltage expands on the innovative premise that fashion and music are seamlessly sewn together. Each of the year's best up-and-coming local designers outfits a buzz-worthy band with flashy custom threads inspired by their sound; in exchange, the bands keep a mean beat to the clothes parade. Held in the First Avenue Mainroom and produced again by Ruby3 milliner Anna Lee, Voltage also plays the good-cause card on top of all that stylish noise: MNfashion, the umbrella organization of which Lee is executive director, provides support to Minnesota's vogue visionaries (all proceeds from this year's Voltage will help develop a sewing co-op). Hey, East Coast: That's how you do fashion-forward.

Location Details

701 1st Ave. N.
Minneapolis MN 55403


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