Best Director (2009)

Marion McClinton

He divides his time between the Twin Cities and other locales, notably New York, but McClinton's directorial eye and ear always promise productions rife with insight, smarts, and assurance. His Bulrusher at Pillsbury House was the kind of show that could reduce a tyro to frustrated tears, full of cross-currents, subtexts, and skewed perceptions. In McClinton's hands, it vibrated with pleasing weirdness and waves of emotion. The new year has seen McClinton score with Pure Confidence at Mixed Blood, a rich historical drama tackling American slavery and its aftermath, and he's made his debut with Ten Thousand Things in the Beckett curveball Endgame. Along the way, he took time to act in Penumbra's powerhouse Fences. Sign us up for more.


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