Best Dancer (2009)

Marciano Silva Dos Santos

Uri Sands of TU Dance is among our most accomplished local choreographers, and like the savviest dance makers, he highlights the finest movement qualities of his company members. Sands premiered Sense(ability) Sketch 1 at the O'Shaughnessy last November, and he gave Marciano Silva Dos Santos the opportunity to own a remarkable solo, "Ether (the Space in Which Everything Exists)." The work unfolded among lights evoking a starry galaxy, and Dos Santos traveled the stage with the buoyant yet careful grace of a space walker. Dos Santos, a native of Brazil, imbued the contemporary movement with the sort of supple back and mindful footwork he developed as a traditional dancer, but ultimately there is no need to label the transcendent moment he created onstage. The audience let out a collective sigh of pleasure when he was done.


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