Beyond the tattered carpet and beneath the almost painful fluorescent lights lies The X Files. Three whole shelves of it. The grizzly Nicollet Village Video is a store for the retro movie and television lover, with a selection you'd never expect to see outside of 1993. For a mere $5 for a four-day rental, or $3.50 for a night, the DVD set of My So Called Life or the original series of the Twilight Zone can be yours. This independent video store's specialization in the elusive tape or DVD reveals itself in unexpected categories: Brit Vid, Cult, Performance, Western/War, Classic, Asian/Action, and more. Village Video also has a generous new-release section to compete with Blockbuster's wall-to-wall offerings. Don't expect smiling faces from the store clerks; with a selection like this one, they know they're too cool for that sort of nonsense.

Location Details

1601 Nicollet Ave. S.
Minneapolis MN 55403


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