The embellishment that once marked members of tribal cultures, sailors, and circus performers has now become a mainstream fashion statement. The removal of its aura of taboo no doubt displeases counterculture enthusiasts; after all, the tattoo loses its edge when every small-town prom queen sports a tramp stamp underneath her polyester gown. Thankfully, a visit to Saint Sabrina's breathes new meaning into the age-old art: The experienced staff takes tattooing as seriously as they do their clients' safety. Ironclad sterilization and sanitation procedures let you worry about other things, like not passing out. Saint Sabrina's also emphasizes good old-fashioned customer service, with additional staff to answer questions and work the counter. On your euphoric way out of the shop, it's tough not to be tempted by Saint Sabrina's amazing selection of body jewelry. More tempting still for the young and socially disenfranchised, teens may stop by on their 18th birthday to receive up to $30 off a piercing.

Location Details

2751 Hennepin Ave. S.
Minneapolis MN 55408


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