It may be in close geographic proximity to the punk-house bathroom in Uptown where you got your first mohawk, perched shirtless on the toilet while the buzzers sheared away your winter frizz. But Hair Police, towering over the hustle and bustle of Lyndale and Lake, is light years from those DIY beginnings. It doesn't take a keen eye to spot Hair Police's work. Its customers are living, breathing, hypercolor billboards for this Minneapolis marvel, sporting Crayola crew cuts and seamless extensions that wag to the ass and beyond. Specialists in coaxing your inner freakazoid from every follicle, the Hair Police staff isn't above a by-the-book haircut, though it's likely that, if you've mustered the courage to squeeze through the front door for an appointment, it's because you've discovered a taste for something more adventurous. Given the quality of the work and the peerless credentials of the staff, the salon's prices are more than reasonable, and though appointments are a must, you won't be waiting six months to get that bright blue Adidas leaf carved in the back of your head. You may have a soft spot for the charming way those Manic Panic 'dos of your teen years faded so beautifully after a busy night at Danceteria. But you're an adult now (by the book, at least). Time to put away childish things and get truly mental.

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Location Details

611 W. Lake St.
Minneapolis MN 55408


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