It's easy to miss Avalon, nestled subtly between louder stores like Patagonia and Ace Hardware on Grand Avenue. But those who enter will be pleasantly surprised at the variety of potential gifts inside. Got money? The store has kitschy furniture, jewelry, and the kind of quirky knickknacks that always draw comments at parties. A little strapped for cash? There are feminist magnets, eight balls, dashboard nuns, Frida Kahlo suitcase tags, and finger puppets for less than $10 that will make anyone smile. You'll also find ironic (and useful) beauty products emblazoned with things like "virgin/slut" and "menopause," fancy blank journals and incense for that creative type, or silly putty and a tin lunch box for your little nephew. An added bonus: Avalon even sells cards, wrapping paper, and stamps.

Location Details

1652 Grand Ave.
St. Paul MN 55105


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