For 14 years this mighty stronghold has stood, touted by fierce dwarfish warriors and timid nerds alike as the Cities' premier Geek House. The hallowed halls carry a dizzyingly comprehensive library of role-playing-game books, from the shiny new editions of Dungeons & Dragons to the arcane, out-of-print sourcebooks of first-edition Shadowrun. It's got your comic-book fix as well—in 2002 it received the highest award for a comic-book shop, the Eisner Spirit of Retailing Award. That quality continues with a dedication not only to national floppies and trade paperbacks but to local artists and writers. Source even caters to the geekiest of geeks: war gamers and collectible-card-game players. Barracks of figurines and paints are in stock for building pewter armies, and you'll find starter and booster packs for any card game you desire. But the best thing about the Source isn't its products, quality though they may be—it's the feeling of inclusion in a gamer community the store gives to every geek who walks through the door.

Location Details

1601 W. Larpenteur Ave.
Roseville MN 55113


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