T & Y Service Co.

If you want to know where the best car wash in town is, just follow the taxis. You can often find half a dozen of them lined up here on most days. The station's convenient proximity to I-94 in downtown Minneapolis might have something to do with its popularity, but cab drivers also put a premium on getting a thorough cleaning quickly at a reasonable price. This car wash has all that and a bag of chips—though the chips will cost you 69 cents extra. Take your pick from a menu of auto-scrubbing options. The most popular is the interior clean with wax. In less time than it takes to smoke a cigarette, your car emerges looking as shiny as the day you bought it. A studious worker lavishly towels off the inside of the windows, which is quite a perk in sub-zero weather. Best of all, on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons, the car washes are half-price at a mere $6.95. Just show up early if you want to beat the taxis.


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