America loves sex toys. Still, even the most resolute thrill-seekers among us tend to acquire their dildos and butt plugs online, out of simple shame. After all, who wants to get caught red-handed exiting a sex shop by a neighbor or co-worker, especially a square one of the "Hey, what's in the bag?" ilk. Given its prime Lyn-Lake location, the Smitten Kitten might scream "Danger!" if not for one thing: It's that rare breed of gizzy-widget store customers are actually proud to be seen in. You want sleaze-free? Long at the forefront of nationwide, pro-toy, anti-toxicity efforts, sex-positive feminist founders Jessica Giordani and Jennifer Pritchett and their expert staff take every pain to guarantee an enjoyable shopping experience for even the most befuddled Edina husband, providing information, advice—even a free cup of coffee or tea. Plus, the boutique-style facility is lovely, more like a jewelry store than the sort of place you run in and out of, collar up and hat down, clutching a bag full of bondage gear. (The store carries a healthy brace of entry-level implements.) Prices run a little higher than at, say, Fantasy Gifts, but customers have the assurance of knowing that every item in stock—the Tantus Silicone Cock Sling ($37.99) or Fun Factory's Freaky Fritz vibrator ($52), for example—is guaranteed 100 percent safe and (with appropriate technique) pleasurable. While the Kitten's main thrust is toys, it also offers an intriguing selection of books, as well as readings by authors prominent in relevant fields and classes so affordable you'll find yourself exploring hitherto unknown realms just to take advantage of the bargains.

Location Details

3010 Lyndale Ave. S.
Minneapolis MN 55408


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