Choosing just one favorite state fair food is like asking Hugh Hefner to pick his favorite girlfriend. There are lots of options and no reason to pick just one—you'll probably be eating 20 different things at the fair. That said, when we contemplated the question this year, one item emerged as a clear winner (after we overruled our sweet tooth, which was leaning toward the deep-fried Twinkie): What is a more quintessentially Minnesotan fair food than a fillet of our state fish, the walleye, battered, fried, and impaled on a stick? It's perfect, and perfectly done: The batter is not too heavy, the fish is flavorful and not overcooked, and the portion is just the right size for a snack (and quite affordable, at $3.50 last year). Top off the fish with a squirt from a lemon wedge and a touch of tarter sauce from the squeeze bottle, wash it down with a refreshing birch beer available right there at the walleye stand (in the food building), and you'll find yourself satisfied but not stuffed, ready to continue the quest for the next best bite.

Location Details

1265 Snelling Ave.
St. Paul MN 55108


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