The New Congress

As genres are getting harder and harder to peg, we're left with the question: What are the signs of a great R&B group? Take a cue from the New Congress, who combine mixing and scratching with great bass lines, solid guitar work, and a super-tight percussion section in their blend of jazzy, homegrown R&B, and you've got your answer. They tend to cross over into rock and hip hop from time to time, always showcasing the soulful vocal style of frontman Aaron Cosgrove, in their regular Thursday night gig at Bunker's. In two cities where R&B and funk once reigned, these six incredibly talented musicians bring their A-game every time they step onstage. Rumor has it that this year should bring a new album from this unique group, so don't say you weren't warned. It's time to stand up and shake what your mama gave you with the smooth grooves of the New Congress.


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