Dave and Buster's

Lovely yet single ladies, fret no more: We have found your beacon of hope. Dave and Buster's is a bit of a trek, but well worth the extra 15 minutes. The arcade/bar/restaurant is something like an adult Chuck E. Cheese, complete with bright, flashing lights that are only outdone by the even brighter, flashing animated screens that explode inside this mammoth space. The bar offers a full menu and cheap drinks (the average mixed cocktail goes for $5 or $6, but after 9 p.m. all drinks are half-price). You may need food and drink to fortify you for an evening of everything from billiards and antique games like Pac-Man and Donkey Kong to virtual tennis, fast-paced car games, and the classic Skee Ball. Ten dollars will get you about an hour's worth of opportunities to flirt with the surprising range of fellas while playing electronic super trivia or shooting hoops. It isn't seedy, dorky, or pretentious—just damn fun. And fried food, cheap booze, and joysticks abound. What better place to find the man of your dreams, just waiting to be lured away from the video game screen?

Location Details

11780 Fountain's Way
Maple Grove MN 55369


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