The Minneapolis Eagle/Bolt

This category should really be split into "Best Place to Meet Mr. Right" and "Best Place to Meet Mr. Right Now." In the online era, lots of gay men have perfected the latter. But there can never be a substitute for visceral, in-person chemistry. Hours of "meaningful conversation" tend to wilt if you don't click face to face. At the end of the day, you've just got to put yourself in the mix. So many folks around here get hampered by the virtuous veil of "Minnesota nice," but "shyness" does not equal "cute" and it doesn't get you any closer to your soul mate. What you need is a place to help you break down those cold, crazy walls. A drink might help loosen your social strings, but a relaxed environment is the kicker. The Eagle and Bolt (two sides of the same coin) have a "meetability" quotient that tops the local competition. Every gay bar touts itself as the place to "be yourself." The difference here is that you'll never feel alone.

Location Details

515 Washington Ave. S.
Minneapolis MN 55415


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